Entering Competition Scores (Men)

During Covid

Entering & Scoring Competitions (using the HowDidIDo app)

1. Players must enter the competitions by booking in on line on HDID or the Hub.
Entry will close for both midweek and weekend competitions 8 days prior to the competition date.

2. In order to comply with play safe guidelines starters will not be present at the club to sign in members on the day of the competition.

3. Players enter their own gross scores on their own scorecard in column “A” whilst also recording the score of the player they are marking in the “marker column” col D. PLEASE make sure that the names and scores are clear on the card.

4. At the end of the round the player signs their own scorecard, the markers do not have to sign the card but must verbally agree the score & their name should be recorded at the bottom of the card.

5. Using the Score entry function on HowDidIDo the player inputs their own score.
a) Login to HowDidIDo
b) On the main menu click onto “Today’s Golf”
c) Click on the “Score Entry” icon
d) Select the competition and then enter your score
e) If after confirming your score you realise you have made a mistake contact the competition scorer and tell him what has happened so he can correct the error in Club V1.
f) You MUST take a photo of your scorecard and email this to (hoebridgescorecard@btinternet.com), BY 6pm LATEST on the date of the competition, reference your surname and the competition name in the email title. Failure to do this may result in disqualification. The Photo must be legible and include all the details on the card.
g) Once done please retain your scorecard for 48 hours.

6. Should the HowDidIDo function not be available please notify the scorer (mid-week John Hort, Wednesday John Mercer and weekend Chris Metherell) and email the photo of your card to the above address.

7. If the player does not have access to a smart phone they should either, ask another member of their group or an adjacent group to email a photo of their score card to the above address or email the gross hole by hole score to the above address by 6pm on the day of the competition. Failure to do this may result in disqualification

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