Hoebridge Committee Stay day

By Peter Smith

A Committee Away Day is held each year for all HGC committee members and others who help to run the club. In view of the covid restrictions, this year on the 21st of July the Away Day became a Stay Day at Hoebridge in aid of the club's charities. In ideal weather, 45 members played a Stableford round for the Committee Away Day Cup and other prizes.

Congratulations to Peter Becque with Mina Crowe the runner up. Best team score was for Graham Norris, Ali Henley and Kim Price, with Sally Lester, Fern Freeston and Peter Becque runners up. Kim also had the best score for a guest. As an added challenge, Mina devised an 18 question 'name the golfer' quiz for which the winning team was Jess Howard, John Green and Wendy Cannell. Most important of all, the best part of £1,000 was raised for charity.
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