The Men's and Ladies' Captains each receive an amount agreed each year in the club’s budget for expenses.

The first £100 is paid as part of the Committee Expenses paid to all committee members and does not currently require receipts or other details to be given to the Treasurer.

The remaining amount, however, does need to be accounted for. Apart from being good accounting practice with regard to how Club funds are used, it will help in developing a clearer idea of what the money is being used for. Some initial guidelines for its use are given below.

It should not be used for:-
· any club event where separate provision for club support/expenditure has been covered in the club’s annual budget
· any club or external competition where provision for club support is covered in the club’s annual budget, including any competition(s) specifically designated as self-financing
· expenditure aimed at benefitting only a small number of club members
· expenditure of a capital nature
· expenditure which could not normally be claimed under other existing club policies.

As a general rule it can be used for small incidental expenses where a broad range of the membership will benefit:-
· indirect support for club competitions or matches against other clubs
· circumstances that were unforeseen when the budget for a competition or event was set, e.g. occasional 'extra' prizes where these are not covered by entry fees.
· “Reward for exceptional service” e.g. drinks for green keepers at Club Championships.
· Small gifts for committee members.
· Flowers for members who are ill.

All claims must be fully detailed and supported by original receipts.

If in any doubt, please clarify any potential expenditure with the Chairman and Treasurer prior to any commitment.

HGC Management Committee

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