At the conclusion of each calendar year the Handicap Committee is required by CONGU to identify all those members, holding Competition Handicaps, who have not submitted the required three qualifying scores during the year, (these being scores resulting from either Competitions or Supplementary Rounds over the measured course at Hoebridge) and to remove their Competition Status. Once this status has been removed the member will not be able to participate in any internal or external competitions until the Competition Status has been reinstated by the Handicap Committee.
In order to enable the Handicap Committee to re-instate your handicap you will need to submit 3 qualifying scores of either 9 or 18 holes, on either the Hoebridge Main Course or the Shey Copse Course. Play must be over a ‘measured course’, that is from the white or yellow square stone markers for a man, and the red square stone markers for a lady, on the Hoebridge Main Course, or from the joint Yellow/Red square stone markers on the Shey Copse Course. You must be accompanied by someone who is a member of Hoebridge Golf Club, who will act as your marker. This person must also hold an active CONGU handicap. You can have a card marked during any Hoebridge Golf Club organised medal or stableford competition, or you can play a ‘Supplementary Round’. In either case e mail notification of the date and time of the intended round is required to the Handicap Committee of your intention to play a re-activation round on
When you have finished your round you must check your card, ensure it is marked ‘For Re-Activation’, and both your marker and you must sign it. It would also be useful if your marker printed their name under their signature. The card must then be placed in the ‘Handicap ’ post box, located next to the notice board in the rear foyer of the club. It is recommended that you submit each card immediately after your round has been played. That way any error can be picked up quickly. Your cards will be entered onto the club computer system and once you have submitted acceptable cards your handicap will be re-activated.
The starting point for your handicap will be your original exact handicap, and as each card is submitted your handicap will be adjusted in accordance with the normal handicap adjustment process applied to competition handicaps.

Andy Richardson
Handicap Secretary
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