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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Is this the same as the Centre Website?Absolutely not!  The Centre website is managed by BGL our website is being set up and paid for by the club members.  There will be links in our website to allow you to view/take action in the Centre website e.g. Link to the BGL screen allowing you to book a tee time.What is the purpose of the website and what information does it hold?
The website is intended to be the natural place Hoebridge members will go for their golfing needs.  It will duplicate all the information in the club diary.  For example you can use the website to look up other members phone  numbers and/or email addresses, check on the rules for a particular competition and see in the calendar when it takes place.  Through its inter-active link with Howdidido members can  enquire on their golfing performance, print a handicap certificate, put their name down for a competition etc.  It will too provide a store of information on club/golf matters.  For example it will hold copies of past minutes of key committees, detail present local rules, highlight any forthcoming newsworthy items etc.
Will the website also cover social activities?
Yes,  this is seen as very much a neglected reporting area in the past that the website can now properly cover.  On the Home page, major forthcoming events will be highlighted.  Reports/photos/comments on past events will be detailed within the Social/Charity Menu.
How do I find the website?
The URL of the website is: 
Do I need to “logon” and how do I do this?
The home screen and some of the more general enquiry screens will be unrestricted i.e. Anyone can view them...    To access restricted screens there will be a need to register and to logon. On subsequent visits it will only be necessary to logon.  
Step by step procedures for registering are as follows:
Click the register button top right of the website 
Enter your email address 
Enter a password, any password is fine
Click Next
Ensure the email address in the email field which appears is the correct one you signed up to Hoebridge with
Click Next
Select the first line of your address (Hoebridge) and the membership you have
Click Next
It might take some time to load, but you then should be a verified member and can login to the site using the login button top right of the website!
Can any member logon?
No, at present members who do not have a handicap cannot logon. 
Who do I contact if I have problems?
Please contact Bill Goodman, John Head or Teresa Green in the first instance. Or email
Can I access the website from my mobile phone?
Definitely.  Use the same URL as set out under point 4. above.  The mobile version makes use of a “Hub Links” format which is also accessible from the browser version.  You find this accessing the “HUB” icon within the  “More” menu found in the upper right corner of the Home screen.
What is the logic to the Menu contents?
What information to show and how to group it caused us a great deal of anguish and debate. We were limited by the system only having 6 Menu's, one being the Home Menu.  We decided on the following breakdown for the others:
Golf: holds the golf activity items. This is where you go to see your Results, Book yourself into a competition, look at the Club Calendar, look up a members email or phone number etc.  Much of the information shown here is inter-actively sourced from Howdidido or the Club V1 systems.
Competitions: details the definitions and rules pertaining to golf and golf competitions at the club.   It is therefore informative in nature and replaces, as a source, the early pages of the Club diary. 
News and Social: holds information on events to come and provides photos and commentaries on past events.  If you are looking for your team photo in the last Beaujolais Day this is where to look. 
Club Management: now the primary source for key policy documents like the Club Constitution, latest minutes from the main committees etc.
Archive: holds copies of past minutes, dated social events etc.  Thus for example, if you want to view a copy of the Management Committee minutes from six months before you will need to look here as the Club Management Menu will only show the latest minutes.  
What are the four Square transparent things across the middle of the Home Screen?
These are the “Widgets”.  The Time/Date and the Weather ones are self evident.   The other two cover:
Calendar:  this is the Hoebridge Calendar and can be used to see details of competition past and to come. 
News:  This is a rotating “News Flash” feature.  It will show such things as:  Club sale at Pro-Shop, Forthcoming Charity Event etc.
What are the Round things at the bottom of the Home Screen?
These are “Quick Links” to interesting items...If you want to view the item you just need click on it and it will take straight there.  We envisage that these will typically be Quick Links to key Social and News items...
Can I change my profile?
No ..  By going into the Main Menu  “Golf”, and selecting  the first item “My Results, Handicap, Book Competitions etc” you will reach your Hub screen.  This will include the personal details  held.  At present you can add a photo of yourself but the system will fail if you try and amend any of your profile details.  This is a systems fault that the programmers are looking to rectify.
Can I change my Privacy Settings
Yes.. Lower down in the Hub screen, mentioned under point 12 above, there is the option to “Change Privacy Settings”.   The telephone numbers and email address you provided the Centre (not your Postal Address) are stored in the Club Club V1 System.  You can here determine what is visible to other members viewing the website.
We have chosen as the initial default to include members phone numbers but not include their emails as this marries up with the personal information currently published in the Club Diary.
Emails however now form an important mode of communication and we expect many members will, when reviewing their privacy settings, allow emails to be shown to other membes in the website.
What are the typical functions I will be performing on the website?
Well, here are some of things you might do and how:
Look up friends phone number and/or email?Select:  Golf>Members List.   The list is alphabetical and will include all “playing” members.  If you friend has no handicap they may not be included (this is a fault that is being looked at!!).
See who has won a competition ?Select:  Golf>Calendar.  You then select the competition day on the calendar and then press on “View selected day”  (double clicking on the day itself annoyingly does not work).  The competition should then appear.  At this screen you can switch from single day to month view, which is far more useful..
Check if I am playing in a competition ?You can't remember if you have put your name down in next week's stableford.  What to do.. Select:  Golf>My Results, Handicaps, Book Competitions etc.  You may be first taken to the Howdidido sign-in screen.  Once signed in, you will then be taken to the appropriate Booking screen in Howdidido where you can check if your name is listed for the competition, add it if it is not or remove it if you no longer want to play...
Check what competitions are coming up and when?Select Golf/Calendar.  It is intended that the website will fully replicate the diary.  
Look up minutes of the Management Committee ?Select: Club Management/Management Committee Minutes. This will show you the last set of minutes.  Earlier minutes will be stored within the Archive Menu.
Who do I contact if I have problems, questions, a suggestion, some material to add?
Please contact Bill Goodman, John Head or Teresa Green in the first instance. Or email

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