August 2018

Rules of the Month from Sandra Combstock

In stroke play Ross hits a poor tee shot which lands in the rough. After searching for his ball Ross tells his playing partners that he is going back to play a provisional ball. Ross plays another ball from the teeing ground an while walking up the fairway, his fellow competitors find his original ball within the 5 minute search period. What is the ruling?
A. Ross must continue with the original ball
B. Ross must continue with the second ball played from the tee
C. Ross may choose whether to continue with the original ball or the second ball played from the tee.

Answer: B Decision 27-1/1

In stroke play, Nikki’s tee shot comes to rest in front of a divot in the fairway which has folded over but not completely detached. The divot interferes with her backswing. May she replace or remove the divot before playing her next shot?

Answer : No. A divot which is not completely detached is not a loose impediment and therefore its removal or replacement would be a breach of Rule 13.2 as the lie and area of intended swing would be improved

A & B hit their tee shots into the same area. Both balls were found but, because A & B were playing with identical balls and neither had put an identification mark on his ball, they could not determine which ball was A and which was B’s? What is the ruling?

Answer: Since neither player could identify a ball as their ball both balls are deemed lost. This incident underlines the advisability of the player putting an identification mark on their ball

Rules of the Month - July

Here are a further three rules that you may not have been aware of from our rules expert Sandra Combstock.

  1. The hole shall be up to 4¼ inches (108mm) in diameter.
    FALSE - The hole must be 4¼ inches in diameter; it cannot be any smaller or larger.

  2. While waiting to play to the putting green, a player dropped a ball on the fairway and struck it several times with his putter. This is practising in breach of Rule 7-2.
    TRUE A player must not make a practice stroke during play of a hole. See Rule 7-2.

  3. A player searches for his ball in a bunker and makes numerous footprints, including in the area where he finds his ball and on his line of play. Prior to playing his stroke, the player can smooth all of his footprints.
    FALSE - Exception 2 to Rule 13-4 would allow the player to smooth the footprints provided it is done for the sole purpose of caring for the course and nothing is done to improve any area covered by Rule 13-2 with respect to his next stroke. Therefore, any footprints made that have worsened any area covered by Rule 13-2 with respect to his next stroke must not

April 2018

Rules of the month

Alongside our Pro's Tip of the Month, we are highlighting some rules which may have you stumped on the course, or begin a debate in the bar after your round. We hope to help you become a better golfer by knowing the rules of the game better. Many thanks to Sandra Combstock for dedicating her time and knowledge to finding these rules.
1. Loose impediments may not be removed with the back of the club. True or False?

Answer is False:
Loose impediments can be removed by any means, including using the back of the club, except that, in removing loose impediments on the line of the putt the player must not press anything pressed down.

2.A player putts from 10 feet and his ball comes to rest overhanging the hole. He walks to the side of the hole and his ball falls into the hole 25 seconds later. The player is not subject to penalty. True or False?

Answer is False:
The player incurs a penalty of one stroke. A player is allowed enough time to reach his ball without unreasonable delay and then an additional 10 seconds to determine if his ball is at rest. If the ball has not fallen into the hole it is deemed to be at rest. If it subsequently falls into the hole the player is deemed to have holed out with his last stroke but must add a penalty stroke to his score.

3. A player may place a club on the ground during the stroke to aid in alignment. True or False?

Answer is False:
A player may place a club on the ground to assist with alignment; however the club must be removed before the player plays his stroke.

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