The rarest of golfing achievements, the hole in one. Something which for some golfers take decades to come, others seem to amount them regularly.
Either way, it is an achievement which should be celebrated - and with Hoebridge's membership to HowDidIDo, it can be forever remembered with a special edition Hole in One wristwatch.

The watch, pictured, is designed by Hugo Boss. The watch has a Black dial with white batons and a calendar date. The timeless piece is completed with a black strap with BOSS detail, classic stitching for todays modern man and the HUGO BOSS Hole in One detail and green rotating bezel.

The symbol of your achievement of one of the greatest shots in golf! Designed especially for you to recognise this extraordinary shot straight into the cup.

How to Claim your Hole in One Prize

Hoebridge will enter the scores of the competition, including your hole in one, into HowDidIDo.

You'll then receive an email of congratulations from HowDidIDo, who will verify your hole in one and get back to you within 48 hours, with a verification code.

Once you receive the verification code, follow the instructions to claim your prize. This includes a picture, which must be less than 1mb in size. You can use a website such as to reduce a picture to the desired size.

Having registered your hole in one, use the template to send your address to the H1 Club. You will then receive and email confirming their receipt of mailing info, and they'll deliver the watch to you.

Many thanks and congratulations to Willie Emerton for providing this info, after his Hole in One on 11/10/17 on the 2nd hole.

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