Research by CONGU has indicated that, whilst Affiliated Clubs offer participation to their members in a significant amount of competitions played over the measured course during the year, some members submit insufficient scores to ensure they maintain a credible and accurate handicap, reflecting their true current playing ability. Reasons include work and family commitments, and an inability to secure an acceptable starting time in competitions to allow for these other commitments.
Whilst the main focus for handicapping purposes in rightly on handicap adjustment following Club competitions, it is permissible for players to submit scores from rounds played over a measured course at their home club outside the competition environment. These scores will be treated in the same manner, and handicaps adjusted accordingly as if the score had been submitted following a club competition.
A player intending to return a supplementary score must first notify their intention to do so by sending a e mail to the Handicap Committee at ,advising of the date and time of the intended round, and attention is drawn to the following:

 The score card must be clearly marked ‘Supplementary Score’.

 The marker must hold a current competition handicap.

 Both the players and the markers full name must be clearly and legibly written in the appropriate place on the card.

Play must take place over the ‘Measured Course’. This is indicated at Hoebridge by the White, Yellow and Red square stone markers located adjacent to the edge of each tee. (As a matter of courtesy, and before commencing their round, players will need to request authority to play from these markers from the course warden, or, in their absence, from BGL Staff in the Pro Shop.)

The course used for play must be clearly indicated on the score card by circling the appropriate SSS box at the top of the card.

The card should be marked as for a medal round, and must be signed by the player and the marker at the conclusion of the round, and immediately placed in the ‘Handicap Committee’ box located under the Notice Boards in the rear foyer of the club. The card will then be processed by the Handicap Committee in due course.

Unlike competition cards, players will not be notified of any adjustments to their handicaps arising from the submission of supplementary cards. The responsibility for monitoring an individual’s handicap, and, whilst in competitions, for playing off an accurate playing handicap, rests with the individual. In the latter circumstances, playing off a handicap which is greater than that recorded by the Unified Handicap System will result in disqualification from the competition. If any of the above conditions are not met, the card will be viewed as invalid and will not be processed.
Andy Richardson
Handicap Secretary

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