The CONGU Guide to Handicapping for players is recommended as a starting point to understand how CONGU handicaps work. You can view or download the players guide at . The rest of this document concentrates on how to get a handicap at Hoebridge Golf Club.
If you have a handicap at another CONGU affiliated club, you should be able to transfer it to Hoebridge. If you belong to more than one such club, you will need to decide where to keep your handicap – wherever you decide is designated as your home club. Contact the appropriate handicap secretary in either case.
Assuming you haven’t held a handicap before, you will need to play 54 holes on the Main Course at Hoebridge. The 54 holes can be a mixture of 9 hole and 18 hole rounds, and must be played over a ‘measured course’, that is from the white or yellow square stone markers for a man, and the red square stone markers for a lady. You must be accompanied by someone who is a member of Hoebridge Golf Club, who will act as your marker. This person must also hold an active CONGU handicap. At least 9 of your 54 hole total must be played with a Hoebridge Golf Club Committee Member.’
You may play for handicap during some of our regular competitions. For Men these are monthly weekend and Monday Stablefords and Medals, and the weekly Wednesday Stableford, which is run as a ‘Roll-up’. For Ladies Thursday and weekend competitions are included, subject to the agreement of the organiser and the availability of a marker. Sign up for these competitions is available on, but you cannot register on this web site without a handicap. You will therefore need to talk to the Competition Organiser for the event, who will be listed under the Men’s and Ladies’ Committees in the Club Diary, if you wish to play for handicap in one of these competitions.
Before playing your round, ensure that the details required at the top of the card are completed, especially your full name and the date on which the round is being played. You must also “tick” to indicate which of the measured courses you are using (white, yellow or red).
When playing for handicap, the maximum score on any hole is par x 2 (i.e. 6 on a par 3; 8 on a par 4 and 10 on a par 5). If you score more than this, your score on that hole will be reduced by the computer programme we use for handicap purposes to this maximum score. It follows that you can pick up your ball once the number of strokes you have played on any hole reaches par x 2. This can save you and your playing partners’ time, and maybe even relieve some embarrassment if you are of a sensitive disposition.  When you have finished your round you must check your card, mark it ‘FOR HANDICAP’, and both your marker and you must sign it. It would also be useful if your marker printed their name under their signature. The card must then be placed in the ‘Handicap Committee’ post box, located under the notice board in the rear foyer of the club. It is recommended that you submit each card immediately after your round has been played. That way any error can be picked up quickly. Once you have submitted cards for 54 holes the Handicap Secretary will enter them onto the computer system and inform you of your allocated handicap.
Andy Richardson – Handicap Secretary
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