28th March 2018


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18th January 2018


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Mgt Committee & Sub-Committee Responsibilities

Addendum to the Hoebridge Golf Club Constitution

HGC Management Committee and Sub-Committee Responsibilities

Chair monthly meetings of the Management Committee;
Act as the main intermediary with BGL;
Maintain regular overview of Management Committee responsibilities and the work of any sub-groups;
In consultation with the Secretary, determine the meeting agenda and other work of the Management Committee;
Ensure the Club has good communications with all members;
Liaise with Captain(s) to ensure juniors section is properly organised and run;
Revise and maintain this document as necessary;
Report to AGM.

Has final say on all golf matters subject to appeal to the Management Committee on disciplinary issues;
Chair Men's/Ladies' Committee;
Support and participate in a wide range of club competitions;
Together with the Vice Captains, organise presentation evening and Captains' drive-in
Together with the Vice Captains, ensure the Club Championships are properly organised;
Together with the Vice Captains and through the Midweek Coordinators, manage midweek events, in particular the Seniors Invitation, the midweek Christmas competition and the Super Seniors Championship;
Jointly organise special competitions, including Grand Match, International, Christmas yellow ball, Beaujolais Day and bank holiday competitions;
Along with the Chairman, deal with disciplinary matters
Ensure entry forms are submitted in time for external competitions.
Report at AGM.

Vice Captain(s)
Support and assist Captain in all matters of golf and administration
Decide on charity/ies for the following year.
Agree annual budget with the Treasurer including for external matches and hospitality.
Present to the Committee proposals for external matches in the coming year.
Develop the following year's diary, including booking competition tee times and function rooms;
Ensure new members are contacted and welcomed to Club activities;
Propose the Vice-Captains for the following year.

Organise monthly Committee meetings in conjunction with Chairman.
Take minutes of monthly Committee meetings.
Produce and circulate agenda for each Committee meeting.
Produce and circulate minutes of meeting for approval by Committee members.
Respond to any Member questions for Committee discussion.
Ensure all honours boards are kept up to date.
Prepare notices and nomination papers for AGM and any special meetings.

Maintain full and proper accounting records of all monies received from members and guests in competitions and/or other events organised by members and approved by the Management Committee.
Maintain full and proper accounting records of all disbursements made on behalf of the club to members, BGL and external bodies.
Prepare an annual budget in conjunction with members of the Finance Sub-Committee for the next financial year based on input from all club committees by November 15 each year for approval by the Management Committee.
Prepare annually the club’s Income & Expenditure Account and Balance Sheet as of October 31 each year and sign such statements in conjunction with the Examiner for presentation to and approval by the Management Committee prior to the Annual General Meeting.
Advise the Management Committee on issues of financial policy.
Reconcile all club bank accounts monthly.
Present regular management accounts to the Management Committee.
Maintain historical accounting records in accordance with the policy of the Management Committee.
Liaise with BGL on all financial matters involving the club, notably the annual subscription fees due from BGL and green fee costs for club events.
Maintain relations with the club’s bankers – ensure that all bank mandates for club accounts are up to date and reflect the policy established by the Management Committee.
Ensure prompt receipt of all monies due to the club.
Collect Club Competition Entry Fees and advise as necessary the appropriate Captains of the current situation in each event to ensure that members have paid the appropriate fee(s) prior to entering and/or playing in club events.
Monitor annual and individual budgets and report variances to the Management Committee.
Ensure that all monies received are banked within 72 hours.
Present to the Management Committee for approval any requests for expenditure not covered in the annual budget.
Issue instructions and/or guidelines on financial matters to Chairman of club committees for onward transmission to committee members.
Liaise with the Examiner to have the annual Income and Expenditure Account and Balance Sheet examined and approved.
Liaise with the Charity Committee Chairman on all financial matters pertaining to Charity Day and prepare ad-hoc financial statements to the Charity Committee showing details of monies raised by charity and all costs.
Within the Finance Sub-Committee, monitor the current year’s budget and in conjunction with all necessary input from club committees prepare and recommend a budget for the following year that reflects a prudent financial strategy that takes into account factors such as recent historical trends, known and anticipated factors likely to impact revenue and/or expenditure, and the club’s financial position.


Handicap and Results
Take overall responsibility for the Club V1 system, including entering new handicaps, managing access rights, providing training, deleting old files and updating software.
Provide annual review of members’ handicaps in January, and as necessary at other times, for discussion by the Men's and Ladies' Committees.
Maintain all Members’ handicaps in line with CONGU.
Provide handicap certificates for members as required
Enter new Members into the handicap list.
Update handicap list after every qualifying competition and place on notice board
Ensure all competition scorecards are collected and check against signing-in sheet.
Ensure winners and runners-up of competitions are recorded and posted on notice board.
Record supplementary scores and adjust handicaps.

Prepare a detailed budget for the forthcoming year (inclusive of all recommendations for club matches and events) for presentation to and approval of the Management Committee prior to the AGM.
Carefully monitor the current year budget vs. actual expenditure.
Consider input from all club committees in the preparation of the annual budget.
Analyse actual costs and revenue based on information provided by the Treasurer.
Prepare minutes of all meetings for distribution to sub-committee members and the Management Committee.

Ensure that all members are kept informed and up to date with developments in HGC and by the Centre
Prepare and circulate monthly bulletin and any other documents as might be requested by the Chairman or other Committee members.
Act as focal point on Club communication issues
Liaise with Centre on member input to any communications they are undertaking eg.  Hoebridge Newsletter as required
Use communication medium to promote Club events eg.  charity and/or social activities.

Charity and Social
Help choose and raise funds for HGC's chosen charities through fund-raising activities run at Men's, Ladies and mixed competitions, eg through raffles and auctions;
Raise charitable donations and help to increase enjoyment of membership by organising other social activities, eg Charity Day, bridge & scrabble nights, other golf and social events;
Liaise with the Centre to organise and, where possible support, any charity and social events.

Handicap Committee Meeting

Tuesday 30th January 2017

Present: Andy Richardson (AJR) Handicap Secretary; Di Heavey (DH); Pat Collins (PC); Mark Pearce (MP); Peter Becque (PB) and John Head (JH).

1 "AJR introduced the members and outlined the Role of the Handicap Committee, including:

Day to day monitoring of members handicaps and the use of Club V1 

Continuous Handicap Reviews

Exceptional Scoring Reductions

The Annual Review of Handicaps, and

The end of year review.

He reported that the Annual Review for 2017 had been completed and circulated a copy of the Review Report for information.

He stated that the End of Year Review Report, which identified those members who had not completed three qualifying rounds in the previous calendar year, was due to be produced. The removal of the ‘C’ classification against their handicaps was mandatory under CONGU rules for those listed in the report, and this meant that their handicaps were no longer competitive and could only be reinstated after three further qualifying cards had been submitted and processed. No discussion about these changes were necessary within the Committee." "

PB to produce End of year report and action as required."

2. AJR stated that Peter Becque and John Head were taking responsibility for the Technical side of Club V1, and that he would assume Management responsibility for the system. He outlined the implications and some of the conflicts caused by revised Data Protection Legislation that was coming into force in May this year. These changes required a more stringent approach to access to the system, and those members needing access and the reasons for it would need to be recorded. In addition each user must have their own user name and password which may not be shared with any other person. Also each user would be required to sign an undertaking to keep both information and their means of access to the system confidential. "AJR to finalise list of authorised users and uses.

JH to provide each user with personal user names and passwords.

AJR to circulate Data Security Letter for signature by users and collate signed forms."

3. "AJR outlined additional issues related to club activities that would affect handicapping and would require some action.

Course layout and measurement.

Definition and setting out of teeing grounds.

Application of both R&A and CONGU rules when organising and running Qualifying competitions" "DH & PC to canvass Ladies regarding any changes to the position of red stones.

AJR&JH to survey White & Yellow stones and list changes required.

AJR to discuss with Terry Edwards.

AJR to discuss with Captains."

4. AJR referred to the CONGU compliance audit conducted in 2017 and suggested that this should be an ongoing review, compliance being reviewed at each Handicap Committee meeting. For discussion at the next meeting.

5. AJR said that he felt that it may be beneficial for all the users of Club V1 to get together in an open forum to share experiences of their use of the system, and to get some idea of how what they do contribute to the operation of the system and the work of the Handicap Committee.  PB agreed and suggested that he could get a short presentation together to show users the scope of the system as a whole. All the committee members supported the idea. "AJR to e mail all club V1 users to gauge support.

PB to circulate a ‘Doodle Pole’ to identify a suitable date and time.

Venue to be the Valley Room. AJR to book as necessary."

6. "Dates for forthcoming meetings: 

Wednesday 28th March 2018

Wednesday 30th May 2018

Wednesday 18th July 2018

Wednesday 26th September 2018

Wednesday 14th November 2018

All meetings to be at 2pm in the Valley Room." All to note

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