General Competition Rules

• The Men's Committee shall be the final arbiter on issues concerning the Rules of Men's Competitions and the Ladies' Committee shall be the final arbiter of issues concerning the Rules of Ladies competitions. The Management Committee shall be the final arbiter on issues concerning the Rules of Mixed Competitions.

• All matters referred to the Men's or Ladies' or Management Committee in respect to issues of play in competitions will be considered on their individual merits.
• All competitions shall be played under the rules published by the R&A. For such competitions the local rules of the Hoebridge Golf Centre (as published on the score cards) and additional local rules (as may be published from time to time and posted on the notice boards) will apply.

• The Men's and Ladies' Committees may from time to time organize other events for which the rules shall be published with the entry sheets.

• Unless competition rules state otherwise buggies may only be used in club competitions with the presentation of a medical note or with the permission of the relevant committee. Without the prior permission of the relevant committee a player using a buggy may still play during the competition times but their score will not be entered as part of the

• In pairs competitions, if for any reason a player withdraws from the competition another player may be substituted providing that none of the team’s matches in the competition have been played. The substitute must not have played in the competition with another partner.

• In pairs competitions, if for any reason a player is unable to play in a match their partner can play the match on their own against the other team. Calculation of the handicap allowance for that competition will remain the same.

• Rounds played while a player has a non competitive handicap cannot win a prize, nor do they count as qualifying rounds for the Club Championship or other competitions.

• The Men's Axtell and Rondec, the Ladies' Singles, Pairs, Mixed Pairs competitions are all weekend competitions. Although matches may be played during the week with the agreement of both parties, entrants should be available to play their matches at the weekends.

Rule 7.1 and Competitions

• Rule 7.1 applies regarding practice before and between rounds. Note that non-competition rounds are regarded as practice. To facilitate the playing of Club competitions without the possible penalty of disqualification under Rule 7.1b, the Management Committee has agreed the following regarding competitions: Local Rule 7.1b Stroke Play.

1. All members are permitted to play the competition (Hoebridge) course on the same day prior to playing in a stroke play event, providing that the round played prior to the stroke play event is in another official Hoebridge Golf Club competition or a competition in which the member is representing Hoebridge Golf Club and not a non-competition round.

2. . For the Men’s Section, regarding Weekend Monthly Medals and Stablefords, which are played over two days, members are permitted to play on both days of the competition. However, if a member plays on both the Saturday and the Sunday, the Saturday round will be the round that counts for the competition.

3. Members who do wish to play on both days may reserve a competition tee time in the normal manner for the Sunday round. However their round will not be scored as part of the competition, rather it will be deemed a ‘Supplementary Score’, and must be submitted as such, and in compliance with the published process on ‘Supplementary Scores’under the tab ‘Competitions/Supplementary Scores’, or on the Notice Board. This includes prior notification by e mail to the Handicap Committee of the date and time of the intended round. After the round is completed and recorded in compliance with the process, it must not be entered using the PSI terminal, but be placed in the Handicap Committee box having been clearly marked ‘Supplementary Score’. Failure to comply with any part of the process will render the card ineligible for handicap adjustment, and failure to submit the card will attract a .1 handicap increase in compliance with CONGU guidance.

• A player is prohibited from using a caddie in any competition.

• For all play at Hoebridge Golf Club, a player may obtain distance information by use of a distance-measuring device or a multi-functional device such as a smart phone or PDA. If during a stipulated round a player uses such a device to gauge or measure
other conditions that might affect his play (e.g. elevation changes, wind speed, etc.), the player is in breach of Rule 14-3, for which the penalty is disqualification

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