Junior Participation in Club Competitions.

A Junior Member of Hoebridge Golf Club who holds a competition handicap, regardless of age, may enter into Medal or Stableford Competitions organised by the Club. This includes the weekend and midweek Medals and Stablefords, and the Midweek (Roll up) Stableford competitions, providing the following provisions are met:

  • Such participation has been previously approved by either the Men’s or Ladies Committee as appropriate. In approving participation the Committees will take each application on its merits, taking particular account of the current proven playing ability of the Junior Member concerned.
  • If appropriate, the full Club Competition Entry Fee has been paid prior to entering any such Competition.
  • On every occasion when a Junior Member, who has not yet attained the age of 16 years, participates in these Competitions they must be accompanied by their parent or an ‘approved adult’, who is either playing alongside the Junior, or accompanying the Junior throughout their entire round.
  • Any such parent or ‘approved adult’ must not give advice, guidance or coaching to the Junior Member on any aspect of the playing of the game of golf whilst the round is in progress. Any such action will result in the Junior Member being disqualified from the competition. 
  • A Junior Member competing in the Medals and Stableford competitions may not win a cash prize. They may, however, win gift vouchers to spend in the BGL Pro Shop at Hoebridge, which will be of equal value to a cash prize that could have been awarded had they been an adult member.
  • Male Junior Members competing in the Wednesday roll up may not win a prize and are not permitted to contribute funds to the informal competition organised by members.

In addition to the above Junior Members, approved by the Committees, may also participate in all other Club Competitions, either as an individual or as a member of a team, with the following exception:

  • Junior Members may only participate in ‘Honour Board Competitions’ organised by the Club after they have attained the age of 16 years, and with the prior approval of either the Men’s or Ladies Committee, who again will take each application on its merits, taking particular note of the current proven playing ability of the Junior Member concerned.

An ‘Approved Adult’ for the purposes of this policy is any adult who holds a current ‘Safeguarding Certificate for Children and Young Persons’ issued by Sport England or any other similar nationally recognised organisation. In practice this will usually refer to members of the Hoebridge coaching staff.

Policy approved at MCM 8/1/2020.

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