Club Competitions

How to enter

Entry SheetsCompetition Entry Sheets will generally be placed on the Club Notice Boards at least one month before the date of the competition to which it refers. The sheet will usually state:

  1. the title and nature of the competition;
  2. the date of the competition;
  3. the name and contact number for the Competition Organiser;
  4. Eligibility for participation
  5. and, if there is an entry fee, the amount of the entry fee and where and how it should be paid.

However, an online sign up process for Men’s Medal and Stableford Competitions is now in use, and this has replaced the manual sign up process described above for these competitions only. 

Before using the online process members will need to register with Full access will then be possible.

Signing up on-line will be available four weeks before each such competition. Members wishing to participate must sign up on line by midday on the Friday, 8 days prior to the competition, after which unused tee times will be released to Hoebridge Golf Centre for sale to the public. So for example, if the February Stableford is scheduled for Saturday 18th February, members must sign up by midday on Friday 10th February.

?Those members who wish to participate but do not have the means to sign up online, must contact the competition organiser to arrange entry to the competition.

Those members who wish to sign up after the online start sheet has been closed, must contact the competition organiser to arrange entry to the competition should a suitable vacancy be available.

Start Sheets

Start Sheets for Competitions will be posted on the Notice Boards, and circulated to the membership by e mail, (or be posted on the web site) no less than eight days prior to the Competition start date. All those members shown on the Start Sheet are deemed to have entered the competition and it is their responsibility to note the day and time they are listed to play.

Any member wishing to withdraw from the Competition after the Start Sheet has been posted, or circulated by e mail, must do so by contacting the person shown on the Start Sheet as the Competition Organiser or the Starter for the day of the Competition. It is not sufficient to contact the Hoebridge Golf Centre Pro Shop and request that a message is relayed.

The Start Sheet will generally state:
  1. the title and nature of the competition;
  2. the date of the competition;
  3. the start times for each member who has entered the competition;
  4. the name and contact number for the Competition Organiser;
  5. the name and contact number for the Competition Starter;
  6. and, if there is an entry fee, the amount of the entry fee and where and how it should be paid.
Competition Starter

All members playing in a Club Competition must report to the Competition Starter as listed on the posted Start Sheet, who will be located in the Club House, at least 20 minutes before their allotted tee time. Any member not reporting on time may find that their tee time has been reallocated by the Starter and there can be no guarantee that an alternative tee time can be found. If no alternative tee time can be found, the member shall be deemed to have not attended, and may be subject to the appropriate fine and ban as outlined below.

Members are also reminded of the penalties outlined in the R & A Rules of Golf  (extract reproduced below), which applies to all such competitions.

R & A Rules of Golf
Rule 6 – 3

Time of Starting

The player must start at the time established by the Committee.
PENALTY FOR BREACH OF RULE 6-3a: ?If the player arrives at his starting point, ready to play, within five minutes after his starting time, the penalty for failure to start on time is loss of the first hole in match play or two strokes at the first hole in stroke play. Otherwise, the penalty for breach of this Rule is disqualification.

Failure to attend – Fines and Bans

Once a Competition Start Sheet has been posted, any entered player who withdraws may be subject to a fine or a fine and ban as follows:
  1. If a player notifies the Competition Organiser, before 8pm at least 4 days before the competition (or five days for Sunday competitions) then no further action will be taken.
  2. If a shorter period of notice is given, but still at least one hour before the players allotted tee time, a fine of £15 may be incurred.
  3. If a player gives less than one hours notice, or no notice at all, then a fine of £20 may be incurred and the player will be banned from the Club Medal and Stableford competitions for a period of one month. 
  4. Members who have incurred fines shall not be eligible to enter or play in any Club Medal or Stableford competition, or the Club Championship, until the fine has been paid.
  5. Any further failures to give adequate notice of withdrawal will attract a further fine and ban, the length of which shall be at the discretion of the governing Committee.
Where a members withdrawal is subject to a fine and/or ban they will be notified by e mail or, if necessary by letter to that effect. If the members feels that the circumstances were such that no penalty should have been imposed then representations should be made to the appropriate Committee Member responsible for the administration of Fines and Bans, as listed in the Club Diary.

General Competition Rules

As golf is a self regulating game, all golfers should have a good understanding of the fundamental rules as contained in the Rules of Golf & the Rules of Amateur Status 2016/2017 as approved by the R & A. Rules are not provided in this handbook, but copies are available from time to time from the Pro Shop at Hoebridge or may be ordered from the R & A via its website:

Local Rules may apply at Hoebridge and to other courses you intend to play. These rules will usually be printed on the provided score card and will also be found displayed on a notice on the Club Notice Board. The latter will change from time to time, as weather and other on course ground conditions dictate, for instance ‘Winter Rules’ and areas declared ‘Ground Under Repair’. Careful note needs to be taken of these rules as they affect the manner in which players may take ‘relief’.

Before Starting Your Round

  • Put and an identifying mark on your ball. If you locate a ball and cannot positively identify it as yours, your ball must be considered lost.
  • Count your clubs. You are allowed a maximum of 14. Any more than that number and you will be disqualified from the Competition. 
  • Know your current handicap. Take into account any recent rounds that may have caused a cut in your handicap but have not yet been entered onto the handicap system. That may happen during your round, and if you play off an incorrect handicap you will be disqualified from the competition. You are responsible for your handicap.
  • Complete the details at the top of your competition card including your playing handicap. Then hand it to one of your playing partners who will mark your gross score and their gross score on the card. This facilitates cross checking of scores by the competition organiser.

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At the end of your round

  • Ensure your score has been correctly recorded. The important score is your gross score. If this has been incorrectly recorded by your card marker and you submit the card unaltered you will be disqualified.
  • Place your card in the Competition Box. This is located under the notice boards in the rear foyer of the centre. For some competitions, usually where results are declared on the day, the starter will collect all the score cards at the end of your round.
Competition Results

Posting on the Notice Board and Circulation and Howdidido?

Medals and Stablefords

  • The Medal and Stableford competitions are Stroke Play Competitions and held monthly on Mondays for Men, Thursdays for Ladies and at weekends for both Men and Ladies, as indicated in the Club Diary. Unless otherwise stated the weekend competitions are only open to 7 day members.
  • All such competitions will be ‘Qualifying Competitions’ with full handicap allowance. They will be played over the Measured Course from the white tee markers for Men (unless otherwise advised on the day), and the red tee markers for Ladies, which will be appropriately placed for the event.
  • Competition Play Conditions will be maintained with the starter ensuring that the length of the Measured Course does not vary by more than 100 yards throughout its length. 
  • The entry fee for these competitions is paid annually on the 1st January each year.
  • These are one round competitions; however, if the weekend one round competition is held over two days, a member may enter to play on either day.
  • If a member plays during the competition time on both days the card which counts towards the competition shall be the first card.
  •  Members are reminded that The R & A Rules of Golf prohibit practice on the competition course on the day of the competition as follows:
Rule 7 - 1
b. Stroke Play
Before a round or play-off on any day of a stroke play competition, a competitor must not practise on the competition course or test the surface of any putting green on the course by rolling a ball or roughening or scraping the surface. When two or more rounds of a stroke play competition are to be played over consecutive days, a competitor must not practise between those rounds on any competition course?remaining to be played, or test the surface of any putting green? on such course by rolling a ball or roughening or scraping the surface. Exception: Practice putting or chipping on or near the first teeing ground or any practice area before starting a round or play-off is permitted.

PENALTY FOR BREACH OF RULE 7-1b:?Disqualification.
Any member with an active CONGU handicap shall be eligible to play in these competitions, providing he or she has paid his competition entry fee, and is not subject to a ban or subject to a fine that has not been paid.



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